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    AUST Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Wuhu Municipal Government
    2019-06-14 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    From May 29th to 30th, at the invitation of Wuhu Municipal Government, President Yuan Liang and his delegation visited Wuhu City and the sides signed a cooperation agreement.

    President Yuan Liang and Mayor He Maoxie in the agreement signing ceremony

    Agreement Signing Ceremony

    On the morning of May 30th, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between WuhuMunicipal Governmentand AUST was held in the Diamond Building of the Financial Center of Wuhu City. On behalf of Wuhu Municipal Government, Mayor He Maoxie expressed his welcome to President Yuan Liang and briefed on the development as well as the achievements of Wuhu City in the aspects of technological innovation and strategic emerging industries in recent years. Mayor He hopes that the two sides will make their respective advantages complementary to each other and conduct deep cooperation in fields such as personnel training and scientific research.

    On behalf of AUST, President Yuan Liang expressed his gratitude to Wuhu municipal government and departments involving the development of science and technology for their long-term support. He illustrated the development of AUST, noting that in recent years AUST has made a series of progress in the development of scientific research platforms, science and technology park for clean energy and affiliated hospital as well as the scientific research in the fields of artificial intelligence, robot manufacturing, industrial dust prevention and so on. He said that AUST will dispatch an research team to Wuhu City engaging in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

    Cao Shaobing, Deputy Mayor of Wuhu City, and Zheng Mingdong, Vice President of AUST, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of WUhu City and AUST respectively.

    Through the rounds of negotiations,the two sides has reached consensus on the following issues :

    First, Wuhu municipal government will provide funds to support the development of academician workstations set up by AUST in enterprises and institutions in Wuhu City.

    Second, the two sides will jointly establish the research institute of environmental friendly materials and occupational health of AUST in Wuhu. They will conduct cooperation in the research of environmental protection, energy conservation, medical and occupational disease precaution and so on.

    Third, Wuhu City shall provide scientific research sites and 10 million yuan to the research institute each year. Besides, it shall establish a special fund for core technology research and transformation.

    Fourth , the two sides will set up a hospital in Wuhu City, serving as a practice base of AUST, and jointly conduct medical personnel training, discipline construction and scientific research.

    General Secretary Tang Deyu, Deputy General Secretary Wang Shiming, heads of relevant departments of Wuhu Municipal Government as well as heads of Party and Administration office, Natural Science Office and School of Medicine of AUST attended the signing ceremony.

    During the two days, accompanied by He Dong, Deputy Mayor of Wuhu City, the delegation of AUST visited Wuhu Aviation Industry Park, CLP Lake Diamond Aircraft Manufacturing Plant and Wuhu Navigation Innovation Park of BUAA, and investigated the ecological improvement of the shoreline in Wuhu section of the Yangtze river.


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