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    The People’ s Government of Huainan Municipality Came to Visit Overseas Postgraduates of AUST
    2020-05-02 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    On the afternoon of March 20, entrusted by the People's Government of Huainan Municipality, Ye Shijun, deputy secretary general of the municipal government, director of the Foreign Affairs Office, and Wu Qitao, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office, came to visit the postgraduates who stayed in the university during the epidemic. Vice President Meng Xiangrui received and accompanied the guests.

    On behalf of AUST, Meng Xiangrui expressed his gratitude to the People's Government of Huainan Municipality for its concern for overseas postgraduates.He exchanged genially with overseas postgraduates , thanking them all for their understanding and cooperation with the epidemic prevention and control work, He also briefed them on the situation of the current domestic and international epidemic prevention and control, demanding them to adopt self-protection measures according to the requirements of AUST and make a sensible arrangement for their personal life and learning and carry forward the meticulous and enterprising spirit.

    Ye Shijun, on behalf of the People's Government of Huainan , fully recognized the epidemic prevention and control work carried out by AUST during the epidemic and extended sincere regards to the overseas students. Ye pointed out that during the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the students chose to stay in China because of their trust in the Chinese government. He hoped the students would regard Huainan as their second hometown and wished them a happy life andgreater progress in their studies.

    Group photo of leaders of the Office of the People's Municipal Government of Huainan and overseas postgraduate students ( Wang Hang)

    The postgraduate students expressed gratitude to Huainan city and AUST for their sincere care and regards, admired the achievements of China's epidemic prevention and control work, showed they would continue to do well the prevention and control work in accordance with the requirements of the university, and gladly received the gifts from the Office of the People's Municipal Government of Huainan (Foreign Affairs Office).

    Heads of the International College and the staff of the Office of the People's Municipal Government of Huainan (Foreign Affairs Office) attended the visit.

    At present, AUST has 30 overseas postgraduate students staying in the university. The International College carries out the epidemic prevention and control work earnestly, establishes the information daily report mechanism, carries out the "daily report" work on the epidemic prevention and control for all the overseas graduate students studying in the university and living in other cities in China, and ensures that there is no dead end or omission in the inspection work. The special plan for the prevention and control of NPC (novel coronavirus pneumonia) before the beginning of the new semester of AUST was formulated, and the relevant prevention and control work was carried out in a comprehensive and meticulous manner. In accordance with AUST's epidemic prevention and control requirements, the International College strictly implements the campus lockdown and other relevant management regulations, and guides students to do a good job in self-protection; timely solving the practical difficulties of overseas postgraduate students to ensure the sufficient supply of prevention and control materials and the basic needs of the students; timely coordinating with relevant colleges to guarantee the proper functioning of online teaching for overseas postgraduates,in order to achieve the goal of “suspension of classes, but no suspension of teaching and learning”, going to the dormitory to check the online lectures of overseas postgraduates. We will earnestly implement prevention and control publicity and education, timely deliver various notices and information to overseas postgraduates through WeChat and other channels, paying attention to the ideological situation and psychological dynamics of overseas postgraduates, and timely responding to the corresponding needs.

    Written by Wang Zonghua, Wu Youhua

    Reviewed by Ma Qinyong

    Edited by Xia Yafeng

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    Translated by Wang Yijun

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