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    AUST and Wuhu City Dock Industry-University-Research Cooperation
    2020-04-30 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    On April 21,Guo Yongcun, Secretary of the Party Committee of AUST, and Yuan Liang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of AUST, led a team of 8 members including Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of AUST, Yu Baotao,Member of the Party Standing Committee and Vice President of AUST, Zheng Mingdong, to Wuhu City to carry out Industry-University-Research cooperation and exchange. The team received a warm welcome from Pan Zhaohui, secretary of the Wuhu Municipal Party Committee, He Maoxie, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Wuhu, Zhang Zhihong, Member of the Municipal Party Standing Committee and Secretary General, Ning Bo, Member of the Municipal Party Standing Committee and Deputy Secretary of Party Group of the Municipal Government. The two sides held a meeting in the conference room of Tieshan Hotel and conducted friendly exchanges in a harmonious atmosphere.

    The two sides hold a meeting

    Last year, AUST established the Institute of Environmentally Friendly Materials and Occupational Health (Wuhu) in Wuhu, which is a proper measure for both sides to actively implement the "Implementation of Healthy China Strategy" proposed by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Currently, the work of the Institute has been carried out in an orderly manner, and has been warmly concerned, strongly supported and approved by Wuhu Municipal Party Committee and Government. The consensus reached between AUST and Wuhu First People's Hospital on medical teaching & research cooperation is another achievement achieved by the two sides. The university will further deepen reciprocal cooperation in personnel training, scientific research, discipline construction of occupational safety & health and clinical teaching staff training. Practice shows that the disciplines and specialities of the University tally with the innovation of enterprises in Wuhu City. The university will integrate resources, give full play to the integration advantages of “science, engineering and medicine”, and the function of innovation sources and talent pool of universities, focus on characteristic fields-intelligent manufacturing and occupational safety & health , take the initiative to connect the research and development achievements of the university with enterprises in Wuhu City, and use alumni resources to attract high-tech enterprises to focus on and settle in Huwu and serve the local economic and social development.At the same time, the university will take this opportunity to actively integrate into the Yangtze River Delta integration development strategy, further promote the integration of industry and education, University-city& University-enterprise cooperation, build research institutes, research centers and other innovation platforms, form a multidisciplinary (speciality) integration and dock industry (enterprise) model, effectively promote the university’s multi-disciplines, improve the quality of talent training and scientific research & innovation, and strive to achieve the goal of "building world-class disciplines and a first-class high-level university in China with distinctive characteristics" put forward by the Seventh Party Congress of the University.

    The two sides hope to draw on each other’s strengths and learn from each other in future cooperation, further strengthen the integration of industry and education, enterprise-university cooperation, deepen the cooperation of government, industry, university, research and application, make the cooperation platform bigger, stronger and more fruitful, accelerate the realization of technology transfer and incubation of scientific and technological achievements, and jointly help promote the continuous development of Wuhu City in innovation-driven, economic transformation, regional integration. Besides, they hope to boost the development of the demonstration area of emerging industry cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta City, helping Wuhu become the power source of high-quality development of the whole province, the supporting pole of the coordinated development of Wanjiang urban belt and the construction of the new urban area with the integration of industry and city and green development. The two sides also discussed how to give full play to the professional advantages of AUST and help Wuhu City run Wanjiang College, and have reacheda preliminary agreement.

    AUST and the First People's Hospital of Wuhu sign a strategic cooperation agreement (Taken by Gong Yao)

    After the meeting, the university signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the first people's Hospital of Wuhu, which added the first people's Hospital of Wuhu City as the Affiliated Hospital of AUST, and it was named Wuhu Hospital Affiliated to AUST and the clinical medical school of Wuhu first people's Hospital of AUST

    Heads of the Party and Government Office, Natural Science Department, Medical College, Environmentally Friendly Materials and Occupational Health Research Institute (Wuhu) participated in the above activities.

    Written by Gong Yao

    Reviewed by Zhang Pingsong

    Edited by Xia Yafeng

    Approved by Ruan Jinhua

    Translated by Wang Yijun

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