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    Leaders of AUST and Wuhu City Visit AUST Environmentally-friendly Materials and Occupational Health Institute (Wuhu)
    2020-05-01 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    On the afternoon of April 21, He Maoxie, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Wuhu City, Guo Yongcun, Party Secretary of AUST, Yuan Liang, Deputy Party Secretary and President of AUST, Yu Baotao, Deputy Party Secretary and Zheng Mingdong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of AUST visited AUST Environmentally-friendly Materials and Occupational Health Institute (Wuhu) .

    Guo Yongcun said that Wuhu City has given substantial support to the construction and development of the Institute since its establishment. He expressed gratitude to Wuhu City and gave full recognition to the construction work of the Institute. He pointed out that talent is a strategic resource for the development of the Institute, and hoped that Wuhu City could make use of local advantages to play well the role of “turnover pool of staffing”, so as to provide more convenient conditions for the introduction of high-end talents, solving the staffing problem in the introduction of talents, and promoting the high-quality development of the Institute.

    Yuan Liang stressed that the Institute should actively push forward its work, accelerate the introduction of high-end talents and carry out scientific research. Relying on the relevant scientific research projects undertaken by the university, and taking the cooperation between the university and The First People's Hospital of Wuhu City as an opportunity, the Institute should strengthen the Industry-University-Research cooperation and accelerate the industry incubation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The Institute should strive for the integration of industry and education in order to provide strong support for the development of the university with its own development and expansion, and to make its due contribution to Wuhu City’s scientific and technological innovation and the city’ comprehensive integration into the development of the Yangtze River Delta.

    He Maoxie emphasized that the Research Institute should play a vital role in the "Five Integrations" in the future, normalize the integration of City & University, and continuously promote win-win cooperation; change the thinking to do a good job in the integration of Enterprise &University, and timely realize the transformation of scientific research results; deepen the integration of industry and education, and do well in the industrialization development of “great safety”and “great health”; strengthen the integration of research and innovation, and carry out scientific research with innovative thinking; reinforce the integration of learning and use to cultivate the most practical and affordable talents needed by enterprises.

    Heads of the Party and Government Office, Natural Science Department, Medical School accompanied the visit.

    Written by Gong Yao

    Reviewed by Zhang Pingsong

    Edited by Xia Yafeng

    Approved by Ruan Jinhua

    Translated by Wang Yijun



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