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    AUST held the unveiling ceremony for the Energy Resources and Economic Strategy Consultative Institute and the press conference for major projects
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    On the morning of April 25, AUST held the unveiling ceremony for the Energy Resources and Economic Strategy Consultative Institute and the press conference for major projects in the No. 1 Conference Room of the State Key Laboratory. Yuan Liang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of AUST, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zheng Mingdong, Dong Yu, Members of the Party Standing Committee and Vice President of AUST, and Zhang Yi, Product Director of University-Enterprise Cooperation of H3C University, attended the meeting.

    The Meeting

    Academician Yuan Liang delivers a speech

    Yuan Liang pointed out that in the past two years, deploying around the goal of “establishing the world-class discipline and a high-level university in China with its own characteristics” proposed by the Seventh Party Congress of AUST, the university has made remarkable achievements such as setting up the Institute of Deep Rock Mechanics and some other institutes, actively promoting the reshaping of scientific and technological innovation organization mode, improving the ability to undertake major projects.The establishment of the Energy Resources and Economic Strategy Consultative Institute is a practical action for the university to fully integrate into the national strategies such as innovation-driven development and energy revolution, and the regional strategies such as the “Four Ones” main innovation platforms in Anhui Province. It is also an innovative measure for the university to implement the construction task of the Energy Research Institute of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center. With the consultative projects of China Academy of Engineering and Anhui Research Institute of China Engineering Science and Technology Development Strategy as the main line, the institute should adhere to future-orientation, pay attention to the combination of multiple disciplines, exert its leadership, and provide high-level strategic planning, advice and consultative services for the national, industrial, local social and economic development.

    Yuan Liang also comprehensively interpreted the background, significance and direction of the press conference of major projects released. He stressed that we should always bear in mind the important role of the issued consultative and scientific research projects in promoting the high-level talents gathering, high-level scientific research achievements output and high-quality development of the university, focus on the needs of national scientific and technological development, concentrate on the needs of the industry and local economy, endeavor to handle the “bottlenecks” projects and technologies, organize the superior forces inside and outside the university, build a first-class project team, and pay enough attention to the project research process. We will strive to produce landmark and major achievements, and provide strong scientific, technological and intellectual support for promoting the high-quality development of the energy industry and ensuring national energy security.

    At the meeting, Yuan Liang and Zheng Mingdong jointly unveiled the nameplate of the Institute. The appointment documents of the leaders of the Institute were announced and the letters of appointment were issued. Relevant units introduced the major consultative and research projects of Chinese Academy of Engineering undertaken or participated by the university, the project Risk Identification and Early Warning of Coal Mine Safety entrusted by Anhui Energy Bureau, and the project Clean and Efficient Utilization of Coal of Energy Research Institute of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center that the University plans to undertake.

    Heads of the Party and Government Office, the Department of Scientific Research, all colleges and the applicants of the research group attended the meeting.

    It is reported that this is the first time for the university to release major consultative and scientific research projects undertaken by the academician team to all teachers and students.In recent years, the university actively integrates itself into the national innovation system, deepens the reform of scientific research system and mechanism, expands the scope, improves the quality, increases the quantity and optimizes the structure, builds a scientific research mechanism of “Basic Research - Engineering Application - Achievement Transformation”, smooths the innovation chain and establishes the work mechanism of "Large platform, Big team, Huge project, Brilliant think bank, Great achievement and Strong support". The amount of single project has reached RMB 54 million, which is a new record in the history of AUST. Major project application and strategy research have made new progress. The number of scientific research projects, funding and other key indicators are increasing year by year, and the support and influence on social economy are also increasing.

    Written by Xu Liangji

    Reviewed by Zhang Pingsong

    Edited by Xia Yafeng

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    Translated by Wang Yijun

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