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    Guo Yongcun Attended the Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Award Conference and 2020 Provincial Science& Technology Work Conference and Delivered a Speech.
    2020-07-06 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    On the morning of June 29, the Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Award conferencewas held in the Dao Xiang Lou Hotel in Hefei. Li Jinbin,secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, conferredthe awards upon the winners of the Provincial Science and Technology Achievement and the Provincial Science and Technology Progress.Li Guoying, deputy Secretary of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee and Governor, delivered a speech. Xin Changxing, deputy Secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee presided over the meeting. Deng Xiangyang, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee and executive Vice Governor, read out the 2019 Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Award decision and the second-batch list of “One room,One center”. The conference commended the winners and bestowed plaques upon the second batch of “One room,One center”.Professor Guo Zhongxing, Party Secretary of AUST anddirector of the State Key Laboratory of Deep CoalMining Response and Disaster Prevention and Control , was invited to attend the conference.

    At the subsequent conference on Science and Technology work of Anhui Province, Guo, on behalf of the first batch of “One room,One center”, made an exchange speech focusing on the theme of“Giving full play to the guidance of‘one room, one center’to enhance and support the high-quality development of local economy”.He introduced the innovative measures AUST has adopted in order to buildAnhui provincial laboratory mainly from three aspects:focusing on key common technologies, seizing the high point of industrial innovation, strengthening the introduction and cultivation services, to provide talent support for high-quality development, deepen the opening and collaborative innovation, and focus on new breakthroughs in industry-university-research cooperation.He also stressed that the construction work must adhere to the forefront of science and technology , serve the goal and positioning of the local economy. He noted that we should pursue our own characteristics, puttalentsfirst, seek progress by integration , focus on innovating and operating mechanism and build a new science and technology innovation engine, so as to form a world-class research ability. We will make our research grounded in the underground, the plant and the first line,effectively promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and better serve industry, technological progress and the local social&economic development, and ultimately make positive contributions to the cause ofFive Development Beautiful Anhui.

    In 2019, AUST won two first prizes, three second prizes and five third prizes in Anhui Provincil Science and Technology Progress Award. AUST won the third prize in AnhuiProvincialNatural Science Award.

    Written by Zhang Guisheng, Hu Biao, Wang Lei

    Reviewed by Zhang Pingsong

    Edited by Xia Yafeng

    Approved byRuan Jinhua

    Translated by Wang Yijun

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