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    Professor Liu Yin's research group made new progress in the structural design of three-dimensional nano-flowered MoS2-PANI composites and the optimization of their electromagnetic properties
    2020-08-02 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    Recently, Prof. Liu Yin's research group published a paper entitled “Embedded MoS2-PANINano-compositeswith Advanced Microwave Absorption Performance” in the international journal Composites Science and Technology (CAS SCI partition: Materials Science Partition 1, TOP Journal, Impact Factor IF = 6.63).

    FESEM photographs of three-dimensional nano-flowered MoS2-PANI composites and their electromagnetic wave absorption properties

    The work was successfully carried out under 1.5 MPa and 160 °C by hydrothermal synthesis to obtain flower-like nano-MoS2 as matrix and polymerization of nano-rod-like PANI (polyaniline) loaded on MoS2 as matrix to obtain three-dimensional nano-flower-like MoS2-PANI composites. The electromagnetic performance test of the three-dimensional nano-flowered MoS2-PANI composite showed that the minimum reflection loss (RL) was -59.78 dB and the effective bandwidth was 3.12 GHz, covering both C- and X-bands. The EM absorption performance is increased by a factor of 5 compared to the minimum reflection loss of a single nano-flowered MoS2. The improved electromagnetic wave absorption of the 3D nano-flowered MoS2-PANI composite is attributed to the synergistic effect of the conductive loss of the PANI conductive polymer and the dielectric loss of MoS2.

    Schematic representation of the electromagnetic wave absorption mechanism of three-dimensional nanoflowered MoS2-PANI composites

    MaJialin , a 2018(grade)Master's Degree candidate , is the first author of the paper, and Prof. LiuYin is the corresponding author of the paper.

    The above work has been supported by Anhui Provincial University Discipline (Professional) Top-Talent Project, Anhui Science and Technology Key Project, and Anhui Science and Technology Major Special Project.

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