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    Grand celebration for the 75th anniversary of the founding of AUST- the educational development forum and the inaugural meeting of the Board of Governors held
    2020-10-12 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    On the morning of October 7, the Shungeng Hall of AUST was filled with distinguished guests and joyful atmosphere celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the university.The Education Development Forum and the inaugural meeting of the Board of Governors were held here. Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Government-University-Enterprise leaders, distinguished alumni and well-known experts and scholars gathered together to celebrate the event and share the joy and glory.


    Nearly 70 distinguished guests attended the meeting. (They were Gui Laibao, Deputy Director of the National Coal Mine Safety Administration, academician Wang Xuguang, academician Peng Suping, academician Yuan Liang, academician Duan Ning, academician Yang Shanlin, academician Cai Meifeng, academician Liu Wenqing, academician Li Jiangang, academician Li Gensheng, academician Wang Guofa, academician Chen Xiangsheng, academician Wang Shuangming, academician Li Ning, Fan Xianqun, Deputy Party Secretary of Shanghai Jiaotong University& Party Secretary of the School of Medicine, Alumnus Zhang Haige, Director of Anhui Emergency Management Department, alumnus Lu Youqin,Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of Anhui Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Provincial Religious Affairs Bureau. Liu Jianguo, Dean of the Institute of Material Science(Chinese Academy of Sciences) Hefei, alumnus Yang Heirong, President of Zhongzhe Holding Group, alumnus Zhao Shuyan, President of Guohua Technology Group, SongXuefeng, President of China University of Mining and Technology,Yang Renshu,President of University of Science and Technology Beijing, Ge Shirong, President of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), Yu Qijun, PartySecretary of Hefei University of Technology, Liang Liang, President of Hefei University of Technology, Kuang Guangli, President of Anhui University, Luan Wei, President of China Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany and President of Famous German Group, Wang Qidong, PartySecretary of Hefei University, Wang Bing, Chairman of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, alumus Zhu Yicun, Chairman of Anhui Energy Group, alumnus Zhang Liqing, Party Secretary and Director of Anhui Coalfield Geology Bureau, alumnus Yan Hongxin, Secretary and Chairman of Hefei Design and Research Institute of Coal Industry, and so on.) Guo Yongcun, presided over the meeting.

    Guo Yongcun presided over the meeting

    On behalf of AUST, Guo Yongcun extended a warm welcome to all the academicians, leaders and guests attending the conference. He expressedgreat respect and sincere gratitude to the experts and scholars, alumni, friends from all walks of life who have long been concerned about and supportive of the university’s construction and development. He noted that “Today is the 75th anniversary of the founding AUST and the 75th anniversary of the founding of Hefei University of Technology. AUST and Hefei University of Technology have experienced 75 years of history together, and from 1945 to 1971, the two universities had 26 years of history being together,creating a precedent for higher education of engineering in Anhui. In the past seventy-five years, AUST has developed rapidly and become an important force in higher education.In the new era, wehave set the goal of creating world-class disciplines and domesticfirst-class university with distinctive characteristics,promoting the “Four Integrations”: integration into the integrated development strategy of the Yangtze River Delta, integration into the “Four Ones” innovation platform of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center and the innovation sub-platform of “One Lab, One Center”, integration into the development of coal industry,and integration into the development of local economy and society, and deepening the “Five Blendings”: Blending of medicine andengineering, industry and education, science and education, university and enterprises, and military and civilian.” He stressed that “At present, AUST is in a historical opportunity period, also the best window period and rare golden period of creating “Double World-class”. AUSTshouldseize the opportunity of the establishment of the Board, pay enough attention to the importance of the high-end think tank, promote its role of bridge, to endeavor to accomplish the mission of achievinggreater progress and successunder the new development pattern.He hoped that “All the directors and alumni will, as always, care about and support the construction and development of AUST, and play important roles in creatingthe “double first-class”.”

    Yuan Liang delivered a report

    Yuan Liang gave a report on the development of AUST. He briefed the guests on the university’s situation from three aspects: looking back at the history, examining the present, and looking forward to the future. He reviewed the university’s arduous and outstanding construction and development process from its establishment to continuous expansion in 5 stages and 3 golden periods. He emphasized that“ The university has formed its own ideals, values, characteristics, spirit, culture and soul in the 75 years of continuous endeavor. These are our precious treasure, and also the most realistic, intimate and convincing teaching material for our moral education. Entering the new era, the university ushers in the third golden period of development (the fastest and the best in history). AUSThas seized the overlapping opportunities in this period, aiming high, pulling up the benchmark and creating a number of “Onlys” and “Firsts” within industries and provinces in the new era. The overall strength of the academic disciplines, the quality of talent training, the level of team building, the capacity of scientific and technological innovation, the level of runningopen the university, and the quality of Party construction have been significantly improved.Facing the future development of the university, heintroducedsome planning and thoughts, mainly focusing on the basis of the drafting, the situation and opportunities, the main goal and direction of the university’s “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan”. He stressed that the university will focus on the strategic goal of “creatingworld-classdisciplines and domesticfirst-class university with distinctive characteristics”,open up the development in all directions, systematically improve the talent and technology support capacity, deepen the comprehensive reform, optimize the education structure&disciplinary professional structure& talent cultivation structure that are in line with the new development pattern. The university will supply high-quality human resources to serve the economic and social development and blaze a new trail of high-quality development in the process of creating “Double First-class”.

    Gui Laibao delivered a speech

    Alumnus Gui Laibao delivered a speech. He stressed “It is the trend that coal mining has entered the intelligent era”. Promoting safe, intelligent and accurate mining and clean and efficient utilization of coal, is not only an important measure and indispensable way to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, but also the political responsibility and mission of our industry universities.Entering the new era, our alma mater is thriving in various aspects, and has significantly improved the level of university running and comprehensive strength, making positive contributions to the high-quality and safe development of the coal industry and the cause of higher education in coal.” He hoped that “AUST will take the 75th anniversary of the founding of the university as an opportunity, implement the “Four Fors” principle, adhere to the “Four Orientations”, resolutely shoulder the historical responsibilities entrusted by the new era, and seriously plan for “ The14th Five-Year Plan” and the 2035 long-term development goal, firmly grasp the historic opportunity of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, march into the depth and breadth of scientific and technological innovation, use more scientific and technological innovation to promote the safe, high-quality and sustainable development of the coal industry, and cultivate more talents of the era who are responsible for the rejuvenation of the nation in accelerating the creation of “Double First-Class”. AUST should play a greater role in the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s energy security strategy of “Four Revolutions, One Cooperation”. He said“the National Coal Mine Safety Administration will continue to care about and support the reform and development of the university and the creation of“Double First-Class”to contribute to the university’s new take-off.

    Fan Xianqun made a speech

    Fan Xianqun, representative of the strategic universitycooperation, made a speech. He emphasized that the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) made the strategic deployment of “Healthy China”, and General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly elaborated the concept of “Great Health”. This year, in the face of a new coronary pneumonia epidemic not seen in a century, General Secretary Xi has repeatedly stressed the importance of putting people’s health and lifesafety first, and health should be integrated into all policies to build an all-round and full-cycle health protection mechanism. Occupational safety and health in the coal sector is an important part of “Healthy China”. Accelerating occupational safety and health in the coal sector is highly consistent with the national strategic needs and has great practical significance and broad development prospects. As a strategic partner, the School of Medicine of Shanghai Jiao Tong University attaches great importance to the cooperation and exchange with AUST. Both sides will give full play to their advantages, resonate with each other, and work together to make breakthroughs in the field of occupational safety and health, so as to add new kinetic energy, stimulate new vitality, and contribute new solutions to the construction of the “Healthy China” and promote the integrated high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta. We look forward to the flower of cooperation and friendship between the two sides blossoming in the new era and bearing fruit as soon as possible.

    Song Xuefeng made a speech

    Song Xuefeng, representative of industry universities, made a speech. He said “China University of Mining and Technology and AUST are both universities in the coal industry, and are among the earliest universities in China to cultivate mining talents. The two universities have been working together to promote the development of the national coal industry, holding high the banner of higher education in coal industry together with other universities in the industry. The two universities have also forged a deep friendship in the process of coal mining higher education. Enteringa new era, AUST is closely connected to the national strategy and the needs of economic and social development, combining the advantages of traditional university running, focusing on the creation of world-class disciplines, and actively exploring the path of high-quality development. We hope that the two universities will further deepen exchange and cooperation, learn from each other in talent training, scientific research, discipline construction, social services, etc., and further strengthen the collaborative innovation among universities in the same industry, so as to make new and greater contributions to serve the national energy resources strategy and industrial transformation and development, to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

    Liang Liang Delivered a speech

    Liang Liang, representative of the sister universities in Anhui province, made a speech. He pointed out that AUST and Hefei University of Technology share the same roots and maintain deep friendship.” For a long time, the historical and emotional identity of the two universities has been deeply rooted in the minds of teachers and students. The exchange and cooperation between teachers and students of the two universities has been growing, and the friendship between the two universities has been strong on the road to common development.The two universities, sharing the spiritual pursuit of “rewarding the country with industry”, have cultivated a large number of talents for the country, and have made crucial contributions to the country’s economic and social development, especially the industrialization of the country. In the face of the new situation of China’s economic development towards high quality, the new opportunities brought by the new round of scientific and technological revolution, and the new positioning of higher education in scientific and technological innovation and industrial development,the cooperation among universities, universities and enterprises must be extensive and close. At the same time, it is the responsibility and obligation of the two universities to help the construction of an innovative province (Anhui) and the Five Development of Beautiful Anhui. He expressed his hope that the two universities can strengthen cooperation in various fields in the future, join hands on the road to build high-level university and make greater contributions to the economic and social development of Anhuiandthe whole country.

    Liu Jiangang made a speech

    Liu Jianguo, representative of the research institute, made a speech. He pointed out that over the years, Hefei Research Institute and AUST have established a deep cooperative relationship, and have carried out various forms of cooperation at different levels in talent training, scientific research cooperation, academic exchanges and platform construction, and have gained fruitful achievements.He hoped that the two sides can take the construction of the Energy Research Institute of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center as an opportunity to deepen practical cooperation, further explore new modes of cooperation in Production-Teaching-Research-Application, build an innovation community, so as to provide strong talent and scientific and technological support for the safe, green and intelligent development of China’s energy industry, and make due contributions to promoting the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center and building an innovative country.

    Liu Jianzhong delivered a speech

    Liu Jianzhong, representative of the cooperative enterprises and member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of China Coal Technology and Engineering Group(CCTEG), made a speech. He stressed that under the new situation, the coal industry faces new challenges with regard to high-quality development, and the safe, green and intelligent development of coal and clean, efficient and low-carbon utilization is urgent, and the in-depth cooperation amongIndustry-University-Research is a general trend. For a long time, CCTEG and AUST conducted fruitful cooperation in personnel training, scientific and technological innovation, industrial development and some other aspects. The in-depth cooperation between the two sides, which is oriented to the future long-term development and the industry’s “bottleneck” problems, has a long history, solid foundation, passionate affection and bright prospect. The two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation, complement each other’s strengths, work together aiming at the world’s leadership in the construction of intelligent mines, coal mine disaster management, coal mine occupational health, etc., vigorously carry out collaborative research, and jointly promote the progress of coal science and technology and the high-quality development of the industry.

    Academician Peng Suping made a speech

    Academician Peng Suping, scientist representative and distinguished alumnus of our university, made a speech. He said that as an alumnus, he is proud of the glorious achievements of his alma mater in the past 75 years and is excited about the grand vision for the future development of his alma mater. With 75 years of hard work and efforts, AUST is increasingly becoming a competitive university in the industry and region, and also an important force in promoting the energy revolution and technological innovation. He advocated that every alumnus should bear in mind the campus spirit, inherit the fine tradition, and whereverwe go, do not forget our identity of Anliese(an alumnus of AUST). In the harvest of joy, do not forget to share with the alma mater, and make due contributions to the alma mater’screation of “double first-class”.

    Yang Herong delivered a speech

    Yang Herong,alumnus, representative of entrepreneurs, made a speech. He said, “Our mentors are the sources of our wisdom, and our alma mater is the basis of our career. Like all alumni, we are grateful to the teachers who cultivated us.Without them, we could have gotten nowhere.”He expressed his hope that the young alumni can cherish the youth of their life, aim high, strengthen their cultivation in study, exercise their character in research, improve their ability in practice, and gain a colorful life; he also hopes that the alumni can “come home often” with a grateful heart, continue to care for and support the development of the alma mater's various undertakings, and contribute their wisdom and strength.

    Zhang Wenxiang made a speech

    Professor Zhang Wenxiang, former president of AUST and retired faculty representative, made a speech. He reviewed the history and achievements of the university, pointing out that the university has adhered to its tradition, implemented the campus spirit, stuck to scientific development, made vigorous efforts to achieve good governance, been down-to-earth, and contributed to the progress of the coal industry and national and local economic construction by sending a large number of leading talents to higher education in coal industry.He is delighted with the university's achievements, and feels gratified that the university is bravely moving forward towards the set goal with boldness and courage to create the “Double First-class” university with a down-to-earth spirit. He expressed his hope that the university can get better and better, and make greater contributions to the national and local economic and social development.

    Yang Ke delivered a speech

    Prof. Yang Ke, Dean of the School of Energy and Safety, made a speech on behalf of the faculty. He shared his experience and insights based on his own schooling and work experience at AUST. He said, “it is important to be a passionate and warm-hearted teacher, take the responsibility to teach morality and cultivate students, and practice the teacher's character of “propagate the doctrine, impart professional knowledge, and resolve doubts”; to be a responsible and highly motivated teacher, take the responsibility to create “Double First-class”, and take the initiative to be a good teacher. Meet the challenges, seize the opportunities, and make new and greater contributions to realize the dream of rejuvenation of AUST.”

    Wang Haonan

    The student representative, Wang Hao Nan, a 2017 automation major, made a speech. He said, “As a new generation of AUST, we should establish the same ideal and belief with the Chinese dream, integrateour personal dreamswith the national dream and AUST’ dream. Be proud of yesterday’s glory, empower today’s development, cheer tomorrow’s achievements.In the vivid practice of realizing the Chinese dream,we should contribute our wisdom and strength worthy of the times!”

    The meeting also announced the first board of directors of AUST, consisting of 20 governing units, 54 individual directors and 15 representatives of governing units.

    The forum (Photo by Shi Peisong, Ren Lei,Cong Zijian)

    The video of the original song “We Meet Here”, written, sung and filmed by our students and teachers, was played during the event, as well as the best wishes sent to our alma mater by our alumni, teachers and student representatives.

    The meeting was attended by retired leaders, current members of the university's leadership team, heads of various internal organizations, and representatives of students and faculty.

    Written by Xia Yafeng

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