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    AUST Reaps a Good Harvest inTeaching Achievement Award of the National Coal Industry
    2020-11-28 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

     Recently, China Coal Education Association (CCEA) announced the 2020 National Coal Industry Teaching Achievement Award, and our university won the Grand Prize for“Reform and Practice of ‘One Syllabus andMultiple Elements’ College English Curriculum System under the Background of New Engineering” and “Implementation of ‘Six Excellence and One Top’Plan 2.0, Promoting the Cultivation of Top Talents in Mining Engineering”. Meanwhile, fiveFirst-class awards and sevenSecond-class awards in the category of teaching achievements and twoSecond-class awards in the category of thesis were also awarded. Both the rank and the number of awards are the highest in history.

    In recent years, our university has attached great importance to undergraduate teaching, unswervingly adhering to the principle of “Putting the Undergraduate Education in the first place ” and comprehensively promoting the “Four Returns”. The university has introduced “Implementation Plan of High-level Undergraduate Education and Teaching Construction of AUST (trial)”, and “Implementation Plan of Comprehensive Reform Measures of AUST in Promoting Deeper and More Effective ‘Three-Whole Education’ . The central position of talent cultivation and the basis of undergraduate teaching have been consolidated continuously; the long-term mechanism of priority investment and yearly increase of teaching funds & the incentive mechanism of teaching have been improved; the “Shungeng Famous Teacher Award” and the “Excellent Teaching Quality Award" have been established to improve the incentive mechanism for teaching. AUST adheres to the fundamental task of establishing moral education, and strengthens the construction of Ideological and Political Courses and Curriculum Ideology and Politics. The quality of teaching and talent cultivation has been improved year by year, and the condensation and demonstration effect of excellent teaching achievements have been gradually increased.

    Written by Wang Xiaohua, Chen Xiaoyang

    Reviewed by Fang Xianwen

    Edited by Xia Yafeng

    Approved by Ruan Jinhua

    Translated by Wang Yijun


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