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    Academician Ren Huiqi
    2019-04-23 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    Ren Huiqi, Ph.D, was born in May, 1953, Changsha City, Hu'nan Province, Major General, researcher fellow of one of the research institute of theGeneral Staff, Distinguished Professor of Anhui University of Science and Technology.

    Ren Huiqui has obtained his bachelor's degree in solid mechanics from Peking University, master's degree in explosive mechanics from the University of Science and Technology of China, and doctoral degree in engineering mechanics from Xi'an Jiaotong University. He has been a visiting scholar of Tsinghua University. In December 2015, he was elected as Academician of the Department of Civil, Hydraulic and Architectural Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

    For a long time, he has focused on protective engineering research. With solid basic theoretical knowledge and rich experience in scientific research,he has achieved many innovative research achievements in weapon damage effects, engineering protection technology and applied basic research, and won a series of awards including the second prize of National Natural Science Awardsonce, the second prize of National Technical Invention Awards once,theNational Science and TechnologyProgress Awards four times,the first prize of Military Science and Technology ProgressAwards four times,the second prize of Military Science and Technology ProgressAwards six times. Up to now, he has opposed 12 national technical invention and utility patents. He published more than 40 papers in the past five years.

    Besides, he has won a variety of awards and honorary titles, including the second China Youth Science and Technology Awards, the second Outstanding Professional and Technical Talent Awards, the Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers of Fourth Headquarters of the PLA,theExcellentMember of Chinese Communist Party twice.

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