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    Huainan is located at the hinterland of Yangtze River Delta region, North Central of AnhuiProvince, on the bank of Huai River. The city of Huainan was founded in 1952. It was known as"thethroat of central plains, the barriers of Jiangnan". It has rich heritages, and there were frequent wars in the history.

    Huainan city is a new-type energy base, industrial granary in the east of China, an important industrial city in Anhui Province. It is also a member of “City Group of Yangtze River Delta”, an important member of "Hefei economic circle". The total area is 5, 571 square kilometers with the total native population of 3, 800, 000. It governs Fengtai County, Shouxian County, Tianjia'an Distric, Datong District, Xie jiaj District, Bagong Mountain District, Panji District and Maoji ExperimentalDistrict, one national development area( Huainan Economic and Technological Development Zone), seven provincial development area( Anhui Huainan Modern Coal Chemical Industrial Park, AnhuiHuainan High and New Technology Development Zone, Fengtai Economic Development Zone, Xinqiao International Industrial Park, Shou County Industrial Park, Pingwei Economic DevelopmentZone and Maoji Economic Development Zone).

    On the south of Huainan lies Hefei, the capital of Anhui province, while on the east there are Bengbu City and Chuzhou City. It connects with lu'an City on the southwest, and Fuyang City and Bozhou City onthe west and northwest.

    Highway: Jing-fu Freeway, He-Huai-Fu Freeway and Huai-Beng Freeway havebeen put into service. Ji-Qi Freeway is under construction at present. Huai- Chu Freeway and urban outer ring express way iscurrently being planned on the construction.

    Railway: Railways of Huainan are connected with Jing-HuRailway on the east and Jing-Jiu Railway on the west. Fu-Huai Railway is connected with four key railways: Jing-Hu Railway, Jing-Guang Railway, Long-Hai Railway and Jing-Jiu Railway through Jin-PuLine, Huainan Line and Shang-Fu Line. The Huainan part of Jing-Fu Railway and Huainan EastRailway station has been completed and opened to traffic. Shang-Hang Railway passes through Huainan. It takes18 minutes to arrive in Hefei; In addition, it only takes 4 hours to arrive in Shanghai, Beijing and Fuzhou.

    Waterway: 3000 tons level of Huainan Port is connected withYangtze River on the south. The construction of Jianghuai Canal, which links with Huaihe River on the north is currentlybeing planned.

    Airway: It takes only 40 minutes by vehicle from Huainan to Hefei Xinqiao International Airport.


    Huainan has a long history with brilliant culture. There are"Huainan Worm" fossils,ancient battlefield of “The battle of Fei River”, ancient Shouzhou kiln site, ancient Maoxian Temple, ancient tombs,Bagong Mountain Tofu. The profound masterwork “Huainan Zi”, Children art and HuaguOpera art are well-known around the world.


    In Huainan, mines were exploited in 1903 with the expecting coal reserves of 50 billion tons. There are 18 pairs of large mines, 6 large power plants. The coal production was 756.8 million tons and installed electrical capacity was 1, 219.2 Kilowatt in 2014. Therefore, Huainan is a national "hundred million tons" coal power base.


    In geography,Huainan is located in the boundary of the north and south of China. Bagong Mountain, Shangyao Mountain and Shungen Mountain stand on its three sides, while Huai River, Gaotang Lake and Wabu Lake surround it. Huainan hasbeen granted as "National Afforestation Model City", "National Excellent Tour City"and"National

    Garden City". It is a beautiful city with mountains, water and forests.


    These years, the government of Huainan City has proposed strategies topromotethe process of modernizationand fulfill the overall development, strivingto accelerate economic and social development at the same time.

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