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    Academic Programs

    Anhui University of Science and Technology offers studies at three levels: undergraduate programs (8 semesters), master’s programs (4-6 semesters) and doctoral programs (6 semesters). We also have 6 stations for post-doctoral research.

    This year, at 16 faculties there are 22,499 full-time undergraduate students and nearly 3,000 graduate students.


    74 Undergraduate Programs

    Faculty of Earth and Environment

    1.Geological Engineering

    2.Environmental Engineering

    3.Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

    4.Exploration Technology and Engineering

    5.Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering

    6.Physical Geography and Resource Environment

    7.Groundwater Science and Engineering

    Faculty of Energy and Safety

    8.Mining Engineering

    9.Safety Engineering

    10.Traffic Engineering

    11.Fire Engineering

    Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

    12.Urban Underground Space Engineering

    13.Engineering Management

    14.Architectural Environment and Energy Application Engineering


    16.Civil Engineering

    17.Landscape Architecture

    18.Construction Costs

    19.Road-Bridge and River-crossing Engineering

    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

    20.Measure and Control Technology and Instrumentation

    21.Industrial Design

    22.Process Equipment and Control Engineering

    23.Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation

    24.Vehicle Engineering

    25.Mechatronic Engineering

    Faculty of Electrical and Information Engineering

    26.Electrical Engineering and Its Automation

    27.Electronic Information Engineering

    28.Communication Engineering


    30.Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Control

    Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering

    31.Composite Materials and Engineering

    32.Polymer Materials and Engineering

    33.Mineral Process Engineering

    34.Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering

    35.Resource Recycling Science and Engineering

    Faculty of Chemical Engineering

    36.Ammunition Engineering and Blasting Technology

    37.Chemical Engineering and Technology

    38.Special Energy Technology and Engineering

    39.Applied Chemistry

    40.Energy Chemical Engineering

    41.Pharmaceutical Engineering

    Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

    42.Computer Science and Technology

    43.Information Security

    44.Internet of Things Engineering

    45.Digital Media Technology

    46.Software Engineering

    Faculty of Mechanics and Optoelectronic physics

    47.Engineering Mechanics

    48.Applied Physics

    49.Photo-electric Information Science and Engineering

    Faculty of Mathematics and Big Data

    50.Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

    51.Information and Computing Science

    52.Applied Statistics

    Faculty of Medicine

    53.Clinical Medicine

    54.Preventive Medicine

    55.Medical Laboratory Technology



    Faculty of Economics and Management

    58.Human Resource Management

    59.Electronic Commerce



    62.Information Management and Information System

    63.Resources and Environmental Economics

    64.Financial Management

    Faculty of Surveying and Mapping

    65.Surveying and Mapping Engineering

    66.Remote Sensing Science and Technology

    67.Geographic Information Science

    68.Navigation Engineering

    Faculty of Foreign Languages



    Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

    71.Politics and Administration

    72.Social Work


    74.Network and New Media

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