School of Chemical Engineering

    The School of Chemical Engineering was founded in 1985 on the basis of the Pyrotechnics Specialty independent from the Department of Mining. It is the most historic Chemical Engineering Department in all the colleges and universities affiliated to the former Ministry of Coal. The School offers 6 undergraduate programs, including Ammunition Engineering and Explosion Technology, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Special Energy Technology and Engineering, and Energy Chemistry Engineering. The current enrollment is approximate 2,200 undergraduate students.

    The Specialty of Pyrotechnics was set up in 1978. It was renamed as the Specialty of Explosive Technology and Application in 1984 and transferred to Department of Chemical Engineering in 1985. In 1989, the Specialty of Fine Chemical Engineering was added to the Department, and in 1997, the Specialty was merged with the Specialty Coal Chemical Industry and renamed as Chemical Engineering and Technology. At the same time, the Specialty of Explosion Technology and Application was renamed as Specialty of Ammunition Engineering and Explosive Technology. The Department began to offer the undergraduate program of Pharmaceutical Engineering in 2001 and Applied Chemistry in 2003. In 2007, the Department was developed into School of Chemical Engineering. In 2010, the Specialty of Special Energy and Pyrotechnics was set up and begin to provide undergraduates program, and in 2012 it was renamed as Specialty of Special Energy Technology and Engineering. In 2001, the School began to enroll undergraduates of Energy Chemical Engineering.

    Among them, Ammunition Engineering and Explosion Technology has been selected as the State-level Specialty, the Undergraduate Demonstration Specialty of Anhui Province, and Outstanding Engineers Training Plan Specialty. Applied Chemistry is the Provincial Key Discipline, and Chemical Engineering and Technology is on the list of the Provincial-level Specialty and Outstanding Engineers Training Plan Specialty.

    The School has formed a faculty team of high quality, including 16 Professors, 36 Associate Professors, 2 Senior Experimenter, 2 Senior Engineers, 33 Assistant Professors. The number of PhD accounted for 48.3% of full-time teachers. Besides, there is 1 Double-employed Academician, 1 “Provincial Academic Leader”, 1 “Provincial Teaching Master”, 2 “Provincial New Teaching Star”, and 3 “Discipline Leaders” of Anhui University of Science and Technology.

    The School of Chemical Engineering offers 1 doctoral program, Blasting Theory and Technology, 5 master’s program under the first-class discipline of Environmental Science and Engineering, including Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Industrial Catalysis, Biochemical Engineering, and another 3 master’s program, including Engineering Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, and Chemical Process Machinery, as well as 1 engineering master degree in Chemical Engineering. The current enrollment of graduate students is approximately 160.

    The School has set up the National Engineering Practice Center for Civil Explosive Equipment and Engineering Blasting, Anhui Modern Coal Processing Technology Research Institute, Anhui Coal Resources Comprehensive Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center, Anhui Blasting Equipment and Technology Engineering Laboratory, and Anhui Civil-military Talent Training Mode Innovation Zone.

    In addition, it has many experimental teaching centers, including Basic Chemistry Experimental Teaching Center, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, Explosive Materials and Blasting Technology Experimental Teaching Center, and various specialized laboratories, the total building area being nearly 20,000 square meters.

    The School has equipped with many sophisticated analysis and testing instruments, such as the first domestic self-developed indoor blasting container and large-scale outdoor steel explosion bunker, large-scale coal gasification test platform, high speed camera, infrared spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectroscopy, high performance liquid chromatography, rheometer, gel permeation chromatography, thin-layer chromatogram scanner, fluorescence chromatography, GC-MS instrument, TG-IR spectrometer, X-ray diffractometer, C80 thermal analyzer, scanning tunneling microscope, physical and chemical adsorption apparatus, and catalyst evaluation device.

    There are more than 20 internship bases, including Sinopec Nanjing Branch, Sinopec Anqing Branch, Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Plant, etc.

    The School of Chemical Engineering plays actively in promoting quality education and students' all-round development. Adhering to the principle of “innovation in working, serving students, and growing together”, the School persists in conducting education with beliefs and advanced culture, associating students by voluntary service and communist construction, and exploring the development road that meets the characteristics of the times, of the School and of students. At present, the School has formed three volunteer service bases, including the “Nuanyang” Senior Citizen School, the “Spark” Science-popularization Service Group, and the Huainan Regional Cultural Propaganda Campaign, and organized six well-known activities, such as the College Reading Culture Festival, Gunpowder Culture Festival, Huainan Regional Cultural Propaganda Month, Chemical Science Publicity Campaign, and Chemical Experiment Skills Competition. Fruitful results have been achieved in cultural and artistic activities, scientific and technological innovation competitions, social practice during the winter and summer vacations, volunteer service, and thematic activities.


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