School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

    The School of Civil Engineering and Architecture was established in 1945 as one of the three earliest departments of Anhui University of Science and Technology.It was transferred from the Department of Civil Engineeringof Bengbu Advanced Industrial Professional Training School of Anhui Province.During the development over the past seventy years, the School has been maintaining the distinctive features and advantages in the aspects of personal training and scientific research. It is one of the three key research-oriented schools in Anhui University of Science and Technology. The School boasts one postdoctoral research center forCivil Engineering, one first-level discipline authorized to offerdoctoral degrees, Civil Engineering, three first-level disciplines authorized to offermaster degrees, Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Mechanics. The Civil Engineering is one of the three first-class keydisciplines of Anhui University of Science and Technology. Besides, it has the National Engineering Laboratory for Coal Mine Deep-wellConstruction Technology, the Engineering Research Center for Mine Underground Engineering of the Ministry of Education, the National Engineering Practice Education Center for Civil Engineering, the College Innovation and Research Team for Underground Engineering Theory and Technology of Anhui Province, and Anhui College Key Laboratory of Mine Construction Engineering.

    The School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, since its founding, has gradually established its educational philosophy, thatis firmly adhering to the development idea of“innovation, coordination, green, open, and sharing”, while deepening comprehensive reforms and implementing the moral education tocultivatestudents’ social responsibility, innovation spirits, and practical ability.The School focuseson the construction of disciplineand faculty team, and the overall development by promoting innovation ability, reinforcingcharacteristics, and improving education quality, with the purpose to achieve a harmonious development, and further enhance the School’s influence at home and abroad, and comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training and the level of education.

    The current enrollment of the School is 3,050, including 2595 undergraduates and 455graduate students. The total number of faculty and staff is122.Among them, there are 113full-time teachers, including 19Professors, 36 Associate Professors,12 Doctoral Supervisors, two “New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education”,fivemembers and one candidate of “Academic and Technical Leaders of Anhui Province”, one“National Teaching Master”, one “Anhui Provincial Model Teacher”, three“Anhui Provincial Teaching Masters”, and four“Academic Top-notch Talents of Anhui Province”. Six faculty members are granted special government allowance.In addition, the School currently has twoDouble-employed Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and twoWanjiang Scholar Distinguished Professors.

    The School is comprisedofDepartment of Geotechnical and Underground Engineering, Department ofRoad and Bridge Engineering,Department of Construction Engineering andDepartment of Architecture, which in turn totally consists of ten teaching and research offices, namely,Underground Structure, Geotechnical Engineering, Road and Bridge Engineering, Industrial and Civil Architecture, Architectural Design, Urban Underground Space Engineering, Project Management, Construction Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and Engineering Cost. Besides, it has the AI Center, one reference room, seven laboratories,namely, Rock and Soil MechanicsLaboratory, Construction Engineering Laboratory, Underground Engineering Structure Laboratory, Road and Bridge Laboratory, Construction Environment and Energy Applications Laboratory, Frozen Soil Mechanics and Engineering Laboratory, and Virtual Simulation Laboratory, andsix research institutes, including the Institute of Underground Engineering Structures, Institute of Frozen Soil Mechanics and Engineering, Institute of Blasting Safety Technology, Institute of Road Engineering, Institute of Civil Engineering Materials, and Institute of Geotechnical Anchorage and Grouting Technology.

    The School offerseight undergraduate programs,including Civil Engineering, Architecture, Project Management, Construction Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Urban Underground Space Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Construction Cost, as well as Roads, Bridges and Crossing River Engineering. Among them, the Civil Engineering has been conferred the title “The First-gradeSpecialty of Ministry of Education”.Architecture has been selected the pilot specialty of Ministry-Autodesk Comprehensive Specialty Reform. AndGeotechnical Engineering and Structural Engineering is one of thekey disciplines ofAnhui province.

    Graduates of the Schoolare always welcomed by employers due to their high quality and strong practical capacities. Many of them have already become technical backbones or senior management in their work units.

    In recent years, the School has undertaken more than 120 research programs at the national and provincial levels and obtained more than 80-million-yuanresearch funds fromthe society.The faculty members have won 4 second prizes ofNational Science and Technology Progress Awards,and 37 provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards, including 6 first prizes, 10 second prizes and 20 third prizes; possessed 36 national invention patents;published more than 1,000 academic papers, among them 160 being published in journals indexed by SCI or EI, and authored 60 monographs and planning textbooks. These contributions have laid a solid foundation for the personnel training and discipline construction and help improvethe School’s comprehensive strength.


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