School of Computer Science and Engineering

    The School of Computer Science and Engineeringwas established in 2007, originating fromthe Computer Teaching and Research Office of Electrical Engineering Department of Huainan Coal Mining Institute. In 1994, it began to offer Computer Science and Technology Program for full-time undergraduate students. On the basis, the Department of Computer Science and Technology was founded in 2000, and later in 2002, it was renamed as School of Computer Science and Engineering. During its long term development, the School has gradually formed it distinct characteristics and has become an important center for personnel training and social service in the computer industry.

    The total number of faculty and staff is 85, including 24 professors and associate professors. Among the 61 full-time teachers, there are 19 Ph.D., and 54 with master's degrees. The current enrollment is approximately 130 full-time graduate students and 1,500 undergraduates.

    The School offers five undergraduate programs, including Computer Science and Technology, Information Security, Internet of Things Engineering, Digital Media Technology, and Software Engineering. Besides, it has twofirst-level disciplines authorized to offer master degrees, Computer Science and Technology, and Software Engineering; one professional master degree of Computer Application; and one engineering master degree of Computer Technology Engineering.

    The School has two experiment centers (Computer Basis Teaching and Experiment Center and Computer Engineering Experimental Teaching Center) consisting of eight second-level laboratories with a total area of more than 5,500 square meters and equipped with facilities of about 15 million yuan.

    There are two pilot programs for the provincial-level specialty comprehensive reform, Computer Science and technology, and Information Security; two provincial-level teaching teams, Computer Science and Technology, and Computer Networks; two provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers; one Computer Experiment Training Centers, one Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center, three provincial-level Excellent Courses, two provincial-level video public courses, and two provincial-level MOOCs.

    In recent years, the School of Computer Science and Engineering focusing on the fundamental task of personnel training continuously deepens the reform of education. It actively encourages students to participate in various competitions and contests, such as National “Challenge Cup” College Extracurricular Science and Technology Contest, College Innovation Plan Contest, ACM Programming Contest, “China Software Cup” College Software Design Contest, Robot World Cup, and National Internet of Things Contest. One of the School’s students ranked ten in the 19thRobot World Cup. In state-level competitions and contests, students of the School have won 6 Outstanding Awards, 12 first prize awards, 40 second prize awards, 57 third prize awards, while in provincial-level contests, they have received nearly 100 awards. In 2015, the School was granted the Best Organization Award in the “China Software Cup” College Software Design Contest.

    The School plays an actively role in scientific research and technical service closely related to the needs and development of economy and society. In the past five years, it has undertaken more than 80 research programs of various types including 7 general programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China; won 6 provincial/ministerial-level scientific and technological achievement awards; and possessed15 patents. Besides, the School has founded the Internet of Things Research Center for Mining Industry, one collaborative innovation center, and 5 students' innovation and entrepreneurship training bases.

    In addition, the School continuously promotes overseas academic exchanges and cooperation. Up to now, it has established collaboration relationships with colleges and universities in the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and other countries, in the field of student’s exchange program, visiting scholar program, scientific collaboration, etc. Many well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad have been invited to give lectures and take part in academic activities every year.

    In recent years, the employment rate has always remained above 94%. The graduates have always been welcomed by enterprises in information industry, government, and public institutions due to their theoretical knowledge and overall quality.


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