School of Electrical and Information Engineering

    The School of Electrical and Information Engineeringoriginates from the Mechanical-Electrical Engineering Specialty of Bengbu Advanced Industrial Professional Training School of Anhui Province established in 1945. On the basis, the Department of Mechatronics of Huainan Coal Mining Institute was founded in 1972, and the Second Department of Mechatronics was separated from it in 1981. In 1991 the Second Department of Mechatronics was renamed as Department of Electrical Engineering, and in 2007 it developed into School of Electrical and Information Engineering.

    The School has one B-grade key discipline of Anhui Province, Power Electronics and Power Transmission, and one top discipline ofAnhui University of Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering. There is one doctoral program of Physical Engineering of Mine; three first-level disciplines authorized to offer master degrees including Electric Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, and Electronic Science and Technology; and two engineering master degrees, Electrical Engineering and Control Engineering. The School boasts one Anhui Collaborative Innovation Center for Mine Electromechanical Equipment, one provincial-level electric and electronic foundation experimental teaching demonstration center, more than 10 electric and electronic experimental centers, and 20 engineering training laboratories, the facilities inside over 50 million yuan.

    The School is comprised of four departments offering five undergraduate programs, (Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Communications Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electrical Engineering and Intelligent control) and teaching and research institutes, including Electrical Information Technology Experiment Center and Automated Research institutes. Among them, the undergraduate program “Electrical Engineering and Automation” has been selected asNational Outstanding Engineer Training Planprogram, and the “Communication Engineering” and “Automation” programs are on the list of Outstanding Engineer Training Plan programs of Anhui Province.

    The current enrollment is approximately 2,500 undergraduates and 300 graduates and doctoral candidates. Many of them have won honors in academic and technological innovation competitions and contests, such as the“Challenge Cup” National College Business Plan Competition and Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition, National College Electronic Design Competition, China Engineering Robotics Competition, China Smart Manufacturing Challenge, and National College Smart Car Competition. The employment rate is above 98% every year. Graduates are mainly employed by National Grids, mobile operators, research institutes, universities, high-tech enterprises, and alwayswin favorsfrom them.

    At present, the total number of faculty and staff is 100, including 75 full-time teachers. Among them, there are 14 Full Professors, 35 Associate Professors, 3 doctoral supervisors, and 45 master’s supervisors. Besides, 2 of them have won the title of “National Outstanding Teachers”, 2 “Academic and Technological Leaders of Anhui Province”, 1 candidate for “Academic and Technical Leaders of Anhui Province”, 1 “New Century Talent” of Ministry of Education and 2 “Teaching Masters of Anhui Province”.

    In recent years, the School has undertaken more than 20 programs and subprograms of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the National Science and Technology Support Plan, 50 provincial/ministerial level programs, and 70 enterprise-funded programs. The faculty members have published over 200 papers in journals indexed by SCI and EI; possessed more than 100 national invention patents; and won 7 provincial/ ministerial-level science and technology progress awards and more than 10 teaching achievement awards of Anhui Province.

    In addition, the School continuously promotes academic exchanges and cooperation. Up to now, it has established close scientific research collaboration relations with University of Auckland, U.S., St. Petersburg University, Russia, AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland, Hoseo University, South Korea, Providence University, and Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and has conducted undergraduate exchange programs with some of them which provides teachers and students with a convenient channel for international exchanges and cooperation.


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