School of Materials Science and Engineering

    The School of Materials Science and Engineering was established in 1952. It originated from the Specialty of Mineral Processing Engineering, and was renamed as Department of Mineral Engineering and Department of Materials Science and Engineering later. In August 2007, the name School of Materials Science and Engineering was adopted. During the sixty years’ development, it has cultivated a large number of outstanding professional and technical personnel for the coal industry, and has become an important base for personnel training, scientific research and application technology development in the field of silicate engineering materials and new materials.

    The School offers one doctoral program in Mineral Processing Engineering; master’s programs in Mineral Processing Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Material Chemistry Engineering, and Mining Engineering and Materials Engineering; and five undergraduate programs, including Mineral Processing Engineering, Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Engineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Composite Materials andEngineering, Resources Recycling Science and Engineering. Among them, the program Mineral Processing Engineering is selected as the pilot program for the NationalOutstanding Engineer Training Plan, and the provincial Specialty Comprehensive Reform. Besides, it is on the list of the provincial-level Category-A key discipline of Mining Engineering, and the provincial specialty programs. It was acquired the China Engineering Education Accreditation in 2013 and 2016. In addition, Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Engineering is the outstanding engineer training planning program of Anhui Province, and provincialspecialty comprehensive reformpilot program. The program of Polymer Materials and Engineering is the pilot program of the specialty comprehensive reform, and Composite Materials and Engineering is the provincial specialty. The program of Resource Recycling Science and Engineering has been supported by the project of the provincial specialty transformation and new specialty construction. Mineral Processing and Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Technology are selected to be provincial-level excellent courses, and teaching team of Mineral Materials has won the honor of provincial-level key teaching team.

    The current enrollment is approximately 1,300 undergraduate students and 100 graduate students. The employment rate remains above 95%.

    The School boasts of a high quality faculty team with active academic ideas and rich teaching experience. The total number of faculty and staff is 76, including 59 full-time teachers. Among there, there are13 Professors, 23 Associate Professors and 43 with doctoral degree, 4 doctoral supervisors, 26 master supervisors, 18 extramural supervisors. Besides, faculty members have been awarded many honors in recent years, including 2“provincial discipline leaders”, 1 candidate of “provincial discipline leader”, 3 “young and middle-age key teachers of Anhui province”, 1 “teacher master of Anhui province”, 1 “Shungeng Talents of Huainan City”, and 1 “leading talent team of Anhui provincial colleges and universities”.

    In the past five years, the School has undertaken 23 state-level programs, including the National Key Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), the program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, the “Sino-US Environmental Health Program” funded by U.S. Agency for International Development, and more than 80 provincial/ministerial-level scientific research programs. The amount of university-industry collaboration programs fund reaches to 13.5million yuan. The School has won one first prize of Anhui provincial science and technology progress awards; one first prize and two second prizes of Chinese coal industry science and technology awards; two first prize and three second prize of Huainan science and technology progress awards. The faculty members have authored more than 700 academic papers, of which over 310 were published in journals indexed by SCI and EI, and 21textbooks and monographs, and possessed over 80 patents authorized.

    The School plays an active part in overseas exchanges and cooperation. It has established friendly and cooperative relationship with several prominent colleges and universities in the United States, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, and many other countries and regions.


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