School of Mathematics and Big Data

    The School of Mathematics and Big Dataoriginated from the former Department of Basic Courses of Anhui University of Science and Technology. It was renamed as Department of Mathematics and Sciences and School of Sciences later.In October 2016,under the integration and reorganization of disciplinesof Mathematics,Statistics, and Informationfor the requirements of the development of regional high-quality universities,it was independent from the School of Sciences and adopted the name School of Mathematics and Big Data.

    The School consists of four departments, namely Information and Computational Science, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Public Mathematics, one Mathematics and Big Data Experiment Center, and four institutes, including Applied Mathematics, Intelligent Computing, Trusted Computing, and Information Security, and Big Data and Intelligent Systems. It offers one doctoral program in Information Security Engineering, five master's programs under the first-level disciplineauthorized to offermaster degrees of Mathematics, master degree programs in Information Security Engineering, and four undergraduate programs, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computational Science, Applied Statistics, and Data science and Big Data Technology. It shoulders the basic public courses in Mathematics of undergraduates and postgraduate students of Anhui University of Science and Technology. The current enrollment is approximate 600 undergraduate students and 100 graduates.

    During the development, the School has established a number of excellent platforms for discipline and specialty development. The Information and Computational Science is selected as state-level specialty, provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot specialty and provincial-level specialty. Applied Mathematics is one of School-level key disciplines. The school has two provincial-level practice teaching platforms, Demonstration Experimental Training Center for Basic Information Technology and Engineering Practice Education Center for Information and Computing Science; two provincial-level “Marker” laboratories, Mobile Internet and Big Data; two provincial-level teaching teams, Public Mathematics, and Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis; and one Big Data Analysis and Intelligence Applied Engineering Technology Research Center of Huainan City. Besides, there are five provincial-level Excellent Courses and provincial-level Moocs, including Advanced Mathematics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, and Algorithm Design and Analysis.

    The School has formed a faculty team with highly education background, reasonable age structure, and great developing potential. At present, the total number of faculty and staff is 70, including 65 full-time teachers, 9 Professors (including 1 Distinguished Professor), 26 Associate Professors, 3 doctoral supervisors, 27 master’s supervisors, and 23 Ph.D. Among them, there are one “New Century Talent” of the Ministry of Education, two “Teaching Masters” of Anhui Province, three members and candidates of “Academic and Technological Leaders” of Anhui Province, two “Model Teachers” of Anhui Province, and two “New Teaching Star” of Anhui Province. One has been granted the special allowance of the State Council.

    The School devotes to personnel training, education reform, and connotation construction with the purpose to improve the quality of teaching and education. In recent years, the School has undertaken 12 provincial-level teaching and research programs (including 4 major programs and 3 key programs), and won 2 first prizes, 5 second prizes, and 5 third prizes of the Teaching Achievement Awards of Anhui Province. In addition, in order to reinforce students’ basic knowledge and enhance their practice and innovation capabilities, the School continuously encourages students to participate in competitions and contests, including College Mathematical Modeling Competition, “Creating Youth” National College Entrepreneurship Competition, National Internet+ Contest, and National Software Design Contest. Students have won more than 40 state-level awards (including 5 first prizes) and 280 provincial-level awards. The employment rate is stable at above 95%, and the rate of postgraduate entrance examination is above 20%. The quality of personnel training of the School has been highly recognized by the society.

    The School’s scientific research capacity has continually been improved.Since its founding, it has gradually establishedvarious research directions, such as DNA computing, Petri net, intelligent computing, big data analysis, numerical calculation and computer aided design, and algebra and graph theory. In the past five years, the faculty members have undertaken 17 programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China, more than 30 scientific research programs of provincial/ministerial-level, and participated nearly 10 state-level programs, includingNational Key Basic Research Program of China(973 Program)and National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program). The amount of scientific research funding is more than 10 million yuan. The School has yield fruitful results in scientific research, including 2 provincial/ministerial-level science and technology progress awards, 3 third-prize awards, etc. Besides, the faculty members have authored more than 400 academic papers (over 40 published in journals indexed by SCI or EI), possessed approximately 30 Chinese patents authorized and 20 software copyrights, and presided over andparticipated in the compilation of 12 monographs and textbooks.

    In addition, the School has made great progress in aspects of Party and ideological construction, trade unions, students affairs, administration management and so on, providing a solid foundation for the comprehensive development of the School. In recent years, the School has been awarded many honorable titles, including “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” by Education Committee of Anhui Provincial Party Committee, “Worker Pioneer" by All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU), and “Advanced Collective of College Students Social Activities of Anhui Province”.

    The School of Mathematics and Big Data inherits the fine traditions of the former Department of Sciences. Based on the idea that “the foundation of the School lies in basic course teaching, while the development of the School depends on discipline construction”, all the faculty and staff will spare no effort to promote the comprehensive development of it.


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