School of Mechanical Engineering

    The School of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1945. It was transferred from the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering of Bengbu Advanced Industrial Professional Training School of Anhui Province.During the development over the past seventy years, it has gradually established its academic atmosphere and educational tradition.In recent years, it has been honored the title of “Outstanding Grass-roots Party Organization” by Anhui Provincial Committee of Education, “Advanced Group of Education System of Anhui Province”, “May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee of Chinese Coal Industry”, “National Model Staff Activity Center”, and so on.Graduates are always welcomed by employers due to theirsolid basic knowledge,professional competence, innovative capability, and hardworking spirit. Many of them have already become experts, scholars, or senior management in various fields. The educational quality of the School has beenwidely recognized by the society.

    At present, the total number of faculty and staff is 127. Among them, there are 24 Full Professors (including twoDistinguished Professors), 38 Associate Professors, 5 doctoral supervisors, 42 intramural master’s supervisors, and 46 extramural master’s supervisors. The current enrollmentis approximately280graduate studentsand 2790 undergraduates. The School hasone Post-doctoral Research Center for Mechanical Engineering,one first-level disciplineauthorized to offerdoctoral degreesof Mechanical Engineering, one doctoral program (Mining and Electromechanical Engineering), two first-level disciplinesauthorized to offermaster degrees (Mechanical Engineering, and Power Engineering and Engineering Thermal Physics), two professional masterdegree programs (Mechanical Engineering, and Instrument and Meter Engineering), and one master of engineering program (Mechanical Engineering).

    The School offers six undergraduate programs, namely Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation,Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation, Industrial Design, Process Equipment and Control Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, andMechatronic Engineering. Among them, the program of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation is on the list ofEducation Ministry Outstanding Engineer Training Planning Programs, and Anhui Province Education Reform Demonstration Programs. It has acquired the Engineering EducationProfessional Certification since 2014. The program of Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation is one of the specialty programs of Anhui Province, and has acquired the Engineering Education Professional Certification since 2017. The program of Process Equipment and Control Engineering is another specialty program of Anhui Province. The program of Industrial Design has been selected as the Innovation and Practice Education Center of Anhui Province. Vehicle Engineering is the Key Construction New Program of Anhui Province, and the Mechatronic Engineering is the first joint-education program with overseas university of Anhui University of Science and Technology.

    The School boasts of five state-level professionalteaching platforms, including, Extracurricular Engineering Practice Education Center for Mechanical Engineering, Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Mechanical Engineering, and Excellent Courses Video Platform, and more than 20 provincial/ministerial-level teaching and research platforms, including Anhui Province Collaborative Innovation Center for Mine Electromechanical Equipment, Anhui Intelligent Mine Technology and Equipment Engineering Laboratory, Key Laboratory of Mine Intelligent Equipment and Technology.

    In the past five years, faculty members of the School has undertaken 21 programs supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and 36 other state-level scientific research programs, won 9 provincial/ministerial-level science and technology progress awards, including 3 second prizes, possessed 172 national invention patents and 2 international invention patents, among which two have been granted the China Patent Excellence Award and Gold Award of Anhui Provincial Patent respectively,published 17 academic papers in journals indexed by SCI and 63 papers on journals indexed by EI, authored 12 monographs, and have successful transferred 31 invention patents. The School and its faculty members have made important contributions to the economic and social development of Anhui and even the whole country.

    In addition, the School has yielded fruitful results in discipline-innovation competitions, having received champion, runner-up and Outstanding Achievement Awards in international science and technology competitions, more than 180 state-level awards and 410 provincial/ministerial-level awards. Above 180 patents were granted to students as the first inventor. Besides, in 2013, students won the 8th “China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award”. The Robotics Association and the Aeromodelling Association of Anhui University of Science and Technology led by the School’s undergraduate students won the title of "National Xiaoping Science and Technology Innovation Team" and many other honors.


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