School of Mechanics and Optoelectronic Physics

    The School of Mechanics and Optoelectronic Physics originated from the former Basic Courses Department of Anhui University of Science and Technology. It was renamed Department of Mathematics and Sciences, and School of Sciences later. In October 2016, under the integration and reorganization of disciplines, it was independent from the School of Sciences and adopted the name School of Mechanics and Optoelectronic Physics.

    The School is composed of four department, including Basic Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, Public Physics and Optoelectronics, and Physics, two provincial level experimental teaching demonstration centers for Physics and Mechanics, and two research institutes of Anhui University of Science and Technology, Applied Mechanics, and Mine Engineering Mechanics and Support Technology. The School shoulders the public basic course College Physics, and several specialized basic courses, including Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, and Elastic Mechanics. It offers 3 undergraduate programs, (Engineering Mechanics, Applied Physics and Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering), and 2 master's programs (Mechanics, and Optoelectronic Systems and Control). The current enrollment is approximate 500 undergraduates and 50 graduate students.

    At present, the total number of faculty and staff is 72, including 5 Full Professors, 23 Associate Professors, 1 Senior Experimenter, 1 Senor Engineer, 1 doctoral supervisor, 17 master’s supervisors, 30 with doctoral degree, 22 with master degree, and 10 doctoral candidates. Among them, one has been granted the State Council Special Allowance; one won the title of “Teaching Master of Anhui Province” and one “Model Teacher of Anhui Province”; one has been elected as member of the Mechanics Teaching Advisory Aboard under the Ministry of Education. In 2011, the School was awarded the title “Worker Pioneer” by All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU).

    The School boasts one experimental teaching center for Basic Physics and Basic Mechanics, and two specialized experiment center for Mechanics and Photoelectric Physics. The total building area of the basic experiment center is approximate 6,490 square meters and specialized centers is 2,720 square meters, facilities inside being more than 22 million yuan.

    The basic courses teaching lies at the core the School’s task. It undertakes approximately 10% classes of the whole university. During its development, it alwaysadheres to the idea that “the foundation of the School lies in basic course teaching, while the development of the School depends on discipline construction”. The rate of postgraduate entrance examinations always remains between 20% and 35%, and the employment rate of the 2017 graduates was 98.88%.

    The School insists to the education philosophy “teaching first, research following”. In the past five years, faculty members have won one first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, one second prize and two third prizes of the National Coal Science and Technology Progress Awards, one third prize of the 6th National Safe Production Scientific and Technological Achievements Award, and one special prize, two first prizes and 3 third prizes of Teaching Achievement Awards of Anhui Province.

    In the past five years, the School has undertaken 9 programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China and 21 provincial-level programs, and published more than 90 papers in journals indexed by SCI and EI.

    The School devotes to the cultivation of students’ ability and continuously encourages them to take part in competitions and contests, including National Zhou Peiyuan College Mechanics Competition, National College Modeling Competition, National Freescale Automobile Contest, National College English Contest, Anhui College Physics Experiment Competition, and Anhui Photoelectric Contest, in which, students have won many honors, including 12 national first prizes, 50 second prizes, 51 provincial-level first prizes and 63 second prizes.


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