School of The Department of Sports

    The Department of Sportsoriginated from the Teaching and Research Office of Sports. It consists of two teaching and research offices and two centers (Physical Fitness and Health Center and Competition Training Center). The Department shoulders the tasks of Physical education, scientific research, sports activities, university team training, and “college students’ physical fitness standards” test. Besides, it is in charge of hosting and participating in sports competitions, and providing guidance for student associations.

    Currently, the total number of the faculty staff is 38, including 36 full-time teachers, 1 full-time management staff, 1 teaching assistant, and 5 part-time management staff. Among them, there are 2 Full Professors, 22 Associate Professors, 10 Assistant Professors, 23 with master's degrees, 1international referee, and ten national referees.

    The Department of Sports devotes to physical education, group competitions and the sports teams training. It has made great progresses in many aspects, including, physical education, extracurricular sports activities, sports training, and social service. The physical fitness of the students has been improving year by year. In December 1992, Anhui University of Science and Technology was honored the title of “Outstanding School” in College Sports Curriculum Evaluation by the Provincial Education Commission, and “Advanced School” in the Implementation of School Sports Sanitation Regulation by the Anhui Provincial Education Committee in December 1995. In 2006, Anhui University of Science and Technology was granted Excellent-grade in the undergraduate teaching assessment of the Ministry of Education;

    In recent years, theDepartment of Sports has made breakthroughs in sports competitions, scientific research, and social service. Students have received good rankings and results in national and provincial competitions of handball, karate, cheerleading, etc., which has also promoted the harmonious development of other games, such as sports dance, basketball, football, volleyball, track and field, badminton, and table tennis. The faculty members of the Department have served as technical officers in International-level, state-level, provincial-level, and municipal-level competitions for many times, which helps them extend their horizons and improve their teaching capabilities.

    In recent years, the Department and it faculty and staff have been awarded many honorable titles, including one “Advanced Young Department” of Anhui University of Science and Technology, one “Outstanding Young Staff”, three “Advanced Individual Morals”, four “Outstanding Teachers”, and two “Outstanding Party Members”. In 2014, it was selected as “National Cheerleading Training Pilot University” by the General Administration of Sports of China.


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