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    On the morning of March 30, AUST held the unveiling ceremony of the Artificial Intelligence College, Digital College, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Research Institute.

    The university will strengthen cooperation with relevant enterprises, focus on national strategic needs, rely on university-enterprise innovation resources, endeavor to produce more leading achievements with an aim to provide more effective industrial technologies, cultivate more high-quality talents, and blaze a trail of characteristic development featuring collaborative education and integration of industry and education in artificial intelligence, big data and other fields.

    The College of Artificial Intelligence has three undergraduate programs: robotics engineering,intelligent science and technology, and artificial intelligence. On one hand,the College and the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will concentrate on the research of artificial intelligence theory and methods. On the other hand, they will pay close attention to the integration of all kinds of technology, methods and intelligent robot systems. And through the in-depth cooperation with relevant enterprises to deepen collaborative education of university-enterprise cooperation, artificial intelligence is expected to be a new drive and a new mode to promote the development of the university, helping to create the “Double Top” to better serve the national and regional economic development in Anhui Province and promote the development of artificial intelligence.

    The Digital College, affiliated to the College of Computer Science and Engineering, is jointly established by AUST and Xinhua Three Technology Co., Ltd. Through the deep integration of industry and education and the deep participation of enterprises, the college carries out modern digital education cooperation in the fields of professional construction, experimental and practical training base construction and subject research. The college will actively promote the transformation of research achievements, accelerate the cultivation of talents and support the research and innovation of industrial applications or major livelihood issues related to national strategies in big data and network security. Meanwhile, the College will combine the needs of industry development and the training needs of government, society and enterprises, aiming to cultivate digital managerial and technical talents for the government, enterprises and public institutions.

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