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    NPC Deputy, President Yuan Liang’s Proposals Adopted
    2021-03-30 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    During the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC), academician Yuan Liang, deputy to the NPC and President of AUST, deliberated on various reports and motions, actively proposed suggestions and made high-quality motions and proposals, which were highly valued by the relevant ministries and commissions and well-received by the society and relevant industries.

    During the meeting, Yuan Liang put forward five motions & proposals, including “the motion on the Ministry of Education and Anhui Province to jointly build first-class disciplines in provincial universities”, “the proposal on supporting safe and precise mining and clean utilization of coal”, “the proposal on accelerating the work of occupational health protection in mines”, “the proposal on accelerating the development and utilization of energy resources in abandoned mines” and “the proposal on strengthening the prevention and management of seismic disasters in mining of coal resources in China”, which attracted great attention from the leaders of the Ministry of Finance and some other ministries, and received rapid response and adoption.

    The General Office of the Ministry of Finance sent a special letter to Yuan Liang, extending “sincere gratitude for your concern, understanding and support for the work of Finance”, stating that “your comments on the Report on the Implementation of the Central and Local Budgets in 2020 and the Draft Central and Local Budgets in 2021 are extremely relevant and constructive. The Ministry of Finance attaches great importance to your opinion, and Minister Liu Kun led a special team to study them carefully.” “According to your opinion, we have revised ‘supporting the reform and development of colleges and universities’ to ‘supporting the reform and development of colleges and universities, especially those in the central and western regions’.”

    During the national two sessions, Yuan Liang was interviewed by China Education Television, AHTV and more than 20 mainstream media such as China Science Daily, China Energy News, China Coal News, Anhui Daily and, calling for the balanced development of higher education, high-quality development of energy industry and occupational health protection. Many proposals were widely reported,reprinted, and well-received.

    Written by Zhou Wenhui

    Reviewed by Wang Xianjiang

    Edited by Xia Yafeng

    Approved by Ruan Jinhua

    Translated by Wang Yijun

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