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    Yuan Liang Visits Alumni in Guangzhou and Shenzhen
    2021-04-15 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    From April 7 to 9, Yuan Liang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President ofAUST, visited the alumni in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and attended the seminars organized by the Guangzhou Alumni Association and Shenzhen Alumni Association.

    Seminar for Guangzhou Alumni Representatives

    Seminar forShenzhenAlumni Representatives

    After listening to the self-introduction of the alumni representatives and their opinions and suggestions on the development of the university, Yuan Liang gave a report on the development of the university entitled “Striving to write a new chapter of ‘Double First-class’Creationin the new era”, in which he introduced the history of the university, talent cultivation, scientific research, social services, external communication and development vision with “SixRealizations” and “SevenSignificantImprovements”. Yuan said that Guangdong is the frontier of China’s reform and opening up,and alsothe first province to establish the alumni chapter.Shenzhen is the demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics,and alsothe first city to establish the alumni chapter. The vast number of alumni in Guangdong is the inheritor of the Anliculture,and alsothe publicityforce of the university. Our alumniarepragmatic, diligent,enterprisingand innovative, andhave madepositive contributions to the social andeconomic development of Guangdongandwonagood reputation forAUST. Yuan Liang pointed out thatunderthe new era, the seventh Party Congress of the university put forward the goal of creating a world-class discipline and a high-level domestic first-classuniversity withdistinctivecharacteristics, which is the common dream ofAUSTand more than 20,000 students.To realize this dream, it requires not only generations of Anli people to overcome difficulties and continue tomake great efforts, but also requires the enthusiastic participation ofouralumni.The alumni are the most valuable resources for the development of the universityand the alma mater is the most reliable backup forcefor the development of the alumni. Welook forward to strengthening cooperation withouralumni for mutual benefitsand win-wincollaboration. Yuan stressed thataccumulated sands will become a tower andas long asall ouralumni contribute to the university, they will form a majestic momentum to promote the creation of “DoubleFirst-class”.Hehopedthat the alumni will not forget thecultivationof their alma mater and take practical actions toshow gratitudetotheir alma mater while achieving their own development and growth.

    The alumnithoughtthat the report of President Yuan Liang is heartening and inspiring, and the achievements of the university are remarkable and praiseworthy, and asalumni, they are encouraged and proud.They expressed that theyare proud when their alma mater thrives and ashamed when it fails.No matter where they go, they will never forget that theybelong tothe family of AUSTand will do their best to contribute to the development of their alma mater.

    During thevisit, on behalf of the university,Yuan Liang visited Prof. Sun Wenruo and Prof. Zhang Yining who are living in Guangzhou and visited alumnusZhang Guangfa, president of Guangdong Alumni Association and former deputy director oftheGeneral OfficeofGuangdong Provincial Party Committee, to send them flowers and blessings, wishing themgood health andgreathappiness.

    On the morning of April 8, accompanied by Zheng Bingxu, chairman of Guangdong HongdaBlastingCo.,Ltd,Yuan Liang learned in detail about the company’s new product development and production.

    Yuan visits Guangdong HongdaBlastingCo.,Ltd.

    On the afternoon of April 8, accompanied by alumnus Liu Ang, president of Shenzhen Alumni Association, Yuan Liang visited Dashi Intelligent Co., Ltd.,observed and experienced the intelligent hospital, intelligent office and other systems developed by the company.

    Yuan visits Dashi Intelligent Co., Ltd.

    On the morning of April 9, accompanied by Yang Lin, an alumnus of the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Yuan Liang visited Shenzhen INVT Electric Co.,Ltd. and Listened to Yang Lin’s introduction about the development of the company and visited the company's exhibition hall.

    Yuan Liang visits Shenzhen INVT Electric Co.,Ltd.

    Cheng Hua,AUST’sdistinguished alumnus, president of Hefei Alumni Association and former president of Anhui University,and heads ofthe Party and Government Office, Cooperation and Development Office,School of Civil Engineering and Architectureparticipated in the above events.


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