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    Donation ceremony of “Chisage” smart benches held
    2021-06-04 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    On the afternoon of May 26th,AUSTheld a donation ceremony of “Chisage”smart bencheson the lawn opposite to Xinyuanstudent apartment.PartySecretaryGuo Yongcun,PresidentYuan Liang,ExecutiveVice PresidentYu Baotao,Vice PresidentWuZhaoming,Chairman ofChisage HoldingGroup,Yang Herong( analumnusof AUST)attended the ceremony. Yu Baotao presided over the ceremony.

    Donation ceremony

    Guo Yongcun receives the donation from Yang Herong

    Guo Yongcun,Yang Herong and Yuan Liang(From left to right)

    On behalf of AUST, Guo received the donation of "Smart Benches" from Yang Herong.

    Yuan extendedhis heartfelt thanks to Yang for donating the "smartbenches" to his alma mater,expressing that the modern high-tech "smartbenches"would certainly provideconvenience for the teachers and students andbecome abeautiful sceneryoncampus. Yuanstressed that Yangis a distinguished alumnuswhogivesback to his alma mater with practical actions, showingthe spiritof not forgetting his alma mater, caring about his alma mater and loving his alma mater.Yuanhopedthat studentsof AUST shouldalways be grateful, learn from the outstanding alumni,andstrive to make greater contributions to the university’s creation of "double first-class" andthenational economic and social development.

    Yang expressed his gratitude for the cultivation of his alma mater andexpressed his admiration and prideon the development achievements ofhis alma materin recent years. Hesaidthat he would continue caringaboutand supportinghis alma mater.In the new era, theuniversityhas embarked on a new journey,sohe hopedthat the studentsof AUST couldwork hard and contribute to the creation of the "double first-class".

    Student representatives presented flowers to Yang, expressing their respect and sincere gratitude.

    Students welcoming Yang

    Group photo( by Shi Peisong,Zheng Xu, Mao Lirui)

    Heads of relevant departments ofChisageGroup,AUSTand student representatives attended the donation ceremony.

    It is reported that the donated "smart benches", atotal of 105 sets of three types,including"WisdomTree", "YouthCup", "Shui Mu Nian Hua", mainly distributed in theZhiChengStadium, basketball court, volleyball court,Zhishan academysquare, campus water features. Thebench isnovel instylewith solar power generation, Bluetooth music player, USB cell phone charging, wireless cell phone charging, lighting and many other functions.


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