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    Rong Xiangxia, director of the nursing department of the First Affiliated Hospital of AUST, was awarded "National May Day Women's Pioneer"
    2021-05-06 | BROWSE TIMES: | Edit:admin

    On the morning of April 19, the 2021 National Advanced Women Workers' Collective and Individual Commendation Conference was held in the Great Hall of the People. Rong Xiangxia, director of the nursing department and Professor of Nursing of the First Affiliated Hospital of our university, was awarded the National May Day Women's Pioneer, becoming the only woman in Huainan who won this honorary title thisyear.

    The national advanced women workers’collectives and individuals are selected and honored once every two years. This year, in order to recognize the advanced, set an exampleand inspire female workers towork hardin the new era, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions decided to award 10 collective "National May Day Women's Award", 10 individual "National May Day Women's Medal ", 350 collective "National May Day Women's Pioneer Post" and 350 individual "National May Day Women's Pioneer" honorary titles on the eve of May Day.

    Rong Xiangxia is a member of the Communist Partyof Chinaand is currently the Director of the Nursing Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of the University. In her 32 years of practice, Rong has always kept in mind themotto:"Healthandlifeare the mostimportant" and put the safety and recovery of patients in the first place. As the director of the nursing department for nearly 20 years, sheoften goesinto the wards andlistens topatients and their families to understand theirfeelings and practical needs,tryingto find ways to implement improvements. Hernotebookis densely packed with every patient's problems and suggestions, and patients affectionately call her "the most caring head nurse".

    At the beginning of 2020, theCOVID-19epidemic swept the country. As the director of the nursing department, Rong took the leadto fight against the disease. As the leader of nursing discipline in the hospital, Rong actively carries out scientific research and innovation work, presiding over 20 national and provincial nursing continuing medical education programs, improving the overall comprehensive ability of nursing staff in Huainan and actively promoting the rapid development of nursing in Huainan. Rong has won the honorary titles of National Outstanding Nursing Department Director, Anhui May Day Labor Medal, Anhui May Day Women's Pioneer, Anhui Outstanding Nurse, etc.


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