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    CCF YOCSEF Thematic Forum on Personalized Learning Technologies and Challenges in Computer Science Education in Hefei was successfully held in our university
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    In the afternoon of October 16, CCF YOCSEF Hefei successfully held a forum on "Personalized Learning Technologies and Challenges in Computer Science Education" in the lecture hall of No.1 State Key Laboratory of our university by means of offline seminar and online Tencent conference live. The forum aimed to discuss how to make use of personalized learning technologies in computer science education to cultivate computer talents in a more efficient, comprehensive, diversified and intelligent way. The forum was moderated by Tan Chang, President of KDDI and member of CCF YOCSEF Hefei AC, and Ma Haiping, member of CCF YOCSEF Hefei AC and member of Anhui University.

    YOCSEF Dong Yu, a member of the Hefei Advisory Board, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the university, sent a video message to the forum and wished it a complete success. He hoped that the success of the forum would promote the exchange between universities and enterprises to strengthen the construction of computer intelligence disciplines, create more opportunities for cooperation and jointly promote the development of computer and artificial intelligence.

    YOCSEF Mr. Sam Zhang, Vice Chairman of Hefei Academic Committee and teacher of Hefei College, explained the history and culture of YOCSEF.

    The forum invited Distinguished Professor Qian Weining of East China Normal University and Dean of School of Data Science and Engineering, Dr. Zhu Henshu, Director Architect of Baidu, Associate Professor Sun Hui, Assistant to President and Director of Academic Affairs Office of Anhui College of Information Engineering, Associate Professor Ma Jianhui of University of Science and Technology of China, and Dr. Yu Jun of KU Xunfei to give wonderful guiding reports. The discussion session focused on the problems of computer talents training in general colleges and universities, setting up whether there is a big gap between the market demand of talents and the general and basic education training system of computer majors; how to build a more reasonable training system for computer majors; what artificial intelligence-based personalized education technologies are needed in order to realize large-scale personalized computer majors education; the personalized education technologies for computer majors training What are the main research challenges of personalized education technology; how to apply the research results of personalized education technology to education practice, and what are the difficulties. The forum guests had a lively discussion around the topics.

    The CCF Young Computer Scientists & Engineers Forum (YOCSEF) is a series of academic activities created by the China Computer Federation (CCF) in 1998, which mainly includes thematic forums and academic presentations, in addition to In addition to academic evaluation, award evaluation, poverty alleviation and education support, YOCSEF actively provides in-depth and constructive suggestions to government departments, media and industry.

    The head of our School of Mathematics and Big Data, young teachers and graduate student representatives from the School of Mathematics and Big Data, School of Artificial Intelligence, School of Computer Science and Engineering, and School of Spatial Information and Mapping Engineering attended the forum.

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